Back to the Basics

Okay ladies, the key to every successful makeup bag/drawer is having a great set of basics. Your basics are your go to products that you use everyday. If you were to ever splurge on makeup products you would want to use the money towards buying great products that set up the rest of your look. These basics includes: foundation, mascara, eyeliner, concealer, primer and powders (face and finishing). I feel that if a girl has a solid set of products that work for her and skin then half the work is already done!

There are a couple reason why I find buying quality basic products are beneficial:

  1. They last longer
  2. They do ‘most’ of the work for you

Finding products that work for your skin is a process, so hang in there! To begin, identify you skin type, whether you have oily, dry, or acne prone skin these are all factors to consider when buying your foundations, concealers, primers and powders. Personally I find that my skin is more oily especially during summer with the humidity in Wisconsin. (ugh) So it is important to look for foundations that say “matte finish” or “oil-free”. This also applies for ladies with dry skin. You will want to look for foundations that lay “glowing” or “luminous” because they will prevent your skin from becoming dry over the course of the day. Next look for a concealer that works for what you are trying to cover. This could be bags under your eyes, or that annoying blemish that appears at the most inconvenient time. For Mascara, you need to test out different products to see which formula and wand work best for your lashes. Eyeliner is just on which type is easier for you to apply, pencil or liquid (I use liquid).


My basics:

Primer: Prep + Prime $30

Foundation: Hello Flawless $36

Concealer: Boi-ing $20

Face Powder: Studio Fix $27

Finishing Powder: Smooth Focus Pressed Setting Powder $34

Bronzer: Bronzer Powder $39

Mascara: They’re Real! $23

Eyeliner: Liquid Eyeliner $7

Enjoy! XO


2 thoughts on “Back to the Basics

  1. I love the they’re real mascara! I think this is a super good post for people just starting to get into make up. You should do a drug store make up look for your next post!!


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