Welcome Welcome!

Since I can remember I’ve always had a fascination makeup. It all started when my mom would do my makeup once a year for my dance recital. I would sit on the counter in her bathroom in pure bliss as my mom would apply my stage makeup. As I grew older my love for makeup grew stronger. Friday nights I would spend watching my mom get ready for date night with my dad. My sister and I would try on our moms high heels and inspect her makeup drawer, only feeding our curiosity more. Fast Forward 15 years, here I am with my own makeup drawer growing and my passion for makeup as strong as ever!

Over the years I have learn trips and tricks along the way that I think every makeup enthusiast should know. This blog will be dedicated to sharing my beauty ‘secrets’. *By no means am I an expect in any way* Just your average makeup junkie here to share my perspective.

Enjoy XO


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