It’s all about the lash

There is nothing worse than when you are applying your mascara and before you know it all your lashes are clumped together. There are multiple factors to consider if this happens to you frequently. Are you using the correct mascara for your lashes? How do you apply the mascara? Do you need a different wand? What kind of lash look are you going for? etc..

Before you even start to apply your mascara make sure you have the correct mascara for you lashes. Personally, for mine I need a plastic wand. This help separate my lashes when applying the mascara. The two main mascaras I switch off between They’re Real and Telescopic. Next is you should always curl your lashes. This helps shape them before you apply the product. When you are ready to apply your mascara start at the very bottom of your lashes and wiggle the wand side to side as your move up your lashes. This will ensure you are getting your lashes fully covered without clumping. Repeat this process until satisfied.

What They Don’t Tell You… 

  1. NEVER pump your mascara. This creates air pockets in your mascara and will cause it to dry out quicker
  2. Coat BOTH sides of your lashes. This is key to achieving the fullest & longest lashes.
  3. Do not curl your lashes AFTER you have already apply your mascara. This lead to major clumping
  4. Use the end of the brush to separate your lashes or place them in a certain position. (that’s what it’s there for)
  5. Take you time. Don’t rush your mascara, let your coats set.

Like any other makeup products, mascara is all about testing out the product to see which gives you the best results. Since they can get pricey, I recommend buying the small travel size first before you buy the regular one. My absolute favorite is They’re Real by benefit, it is long lasting while lengthening and gives me great volume. During the day if I’m running errands or at school I use Telescopic, for the price you can’t go wrong. Recently I have tried out two more mascaras, Roller Lash and Better than Sex. Benefit’s Roller Lash is meant to curl your lashes even more. I can tell that even without curling my lashes before, the wand really helps to curl them. (I still prefer They’re Real) Lastly, Better than Sex. This is also a great mascara. Unfortunately, the brush tends to make my lashes clump together so I have to prep my lashes before with a different mascara. But it will still give you those amazing lashes.

My Top Mascaras

My Top Mascaras

“I won’t cry for you, my mascaras too expensive” -Adriana Lima 

XO- Martha


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