Effortless Messy Bun Tutorial

With summer approaching so soon (1 week EEEEE!) it’s time to give your hair a break. What better time for an easy, quick and cute hair style? Currently, I’m all about giving my hair a break from heat and throwing it up in a bun. The messy ballet bun is perfect for summer days and nights. The best part about this hairstyle is you can make it as messy or neat as you’d like.

So for this tutorial I will walk you through the 10 easy steps I take to do a messy ballet bun. 

1. Brush through your hair and make sure it’s nice and dry. (lol at my face)

unnamed2. Pull all your hair into a high pony leaving your hand several inches from your scalp.


3. Wrap your hair around your index finger like a doughnut, make sure your index finger is touching your head.


4. Secure the bun with a Hair Tie, I recommend using a thicker one.


5. Pull hair around your face to loosen the bun.


6. Secure the bun with a second elastic hair tie.


7. Mess up your bun with your fingers & secure bun with Bobby Pins.


8. Make sure your bobby pins are securing your bun to your hair tie.


9. Spray your bun with Hairspray to give it some hold.


10. Loosen pieces around the crown of your head to finish the look.


And there you have it ladies! 10 easy steps for an effortless messy bun, perfect for any summertime look.

Here are the products I used:

1.  The Wet Brush

2.  Hair Elastics/Ties

3.  Bobby Pins

4.  Hairspray 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

XO Martha 


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